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Sunday, March 12, 2023

CREED III passes $100 million at the boxoffice

After 10 days in release the Micheal B. Jordan directed movie, CREED III has made over $100 million at the boxoffice.

After an opening at #1 last weekend with boxoffice of $58.3 million CREED III grossed another $27.1 this weekend to bring it's running total to $101 million.

The movie will soon outgross both CREED ($109 Million) and CREED 2 ($115 Million) to become the top film in the franchise which is an achievement for the third film in any series not mafe by Marvel Studios.

CREED III is projected to gross $150 Million total.

CREED III stars Jonathan Majors, Michael B. Jordan, and Tessa Thompson. The film was directed by Michael B. Jordan from a screenplay by Keenan Coogler, Zach Baylin, based on a story from Ryan Coogler.

CREED III is playing in theaters now.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Tessa Thompson to portray Valkyrie in Thor Ragnarok

Marvel has revealed Tessa Thompson's role in the upcoming “Thor: Ragnarok.”

The studio released the full cast list on Friday, announcing that the “Creed” star will play the sword-wielding warrior goddess, Valkyrie, a character previously depicted in the comics as white. While I'm sure Thompson will do a great job and make the role her own, I'm also sure that wont stop the fanboy outrage. LOL.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Creed passes the 100 million dollar mark!

By George L. Cook III

Much like the underdog hero that the Ryan Coogler directed film's title refers to, the movie Creed has turned out to be the underdog film that reached blockbuster status.

No, it didn't do Star Wars The Force Awakens type numbers but it did gross 100 million in a very crowded and powerhouse field. The movie has made an estimated $103,456,653 as of 01/03/2016 per The movie grossed 100 million plus while in direct competition with The Hunger Games: Mockinjay Part II, Peanuts, The Good Dinosaur, SPECTRE, and later crossed the 100 million mark in the massive movie presence that is Star Wars The Force Awakens.

The small film had about a 35 million dollar budget and early projections had it making something in the 80 to 85 million range. It obviously meet and exceeded those expectations.

This is quite an accomplishment for director Ryan Coogler and proved that a well made and good film can attract an audience regardless of the competition or color of the cast. The movie could also get an best supporting actor Oscar nomination for Sylvester Stallone thanks to Coogler's direction. Although it's a long shot Tessa Thompson deserves a best supporting actress nomination also.

Don't know if Ryan Coogler or Micheal B. Jordan will be nominated but all involved deserve congratulations.

Let's all give Ryan Coogler and Creed a hand for passing blockbuster status!