Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hey, black people like scifi and comics too, they just don't play dress up...LOL.

Now there's a supposed list of things black people don't do. You know like swimming, vote republican, or watch Fox News. Okay that last one may be true but the others are grand generalizations.

Another generalization I hear because I'm a writer of science fiction and horror is that black people don't like science fiction. I also hear that it's a waste of time marketing such books to them. I would like to state that is categorically false. Just as many African Americans are fans of science fiction as any other group. Yeah we don't show it or talk about it as much but that's because many want to avoid ridicule from our own at times.

Telling other black people you like science fiction is like saying that you are a republican. ( okay maybe not that bad ). All black sci-fi fans have been minding their own business watching a TV show or reading a book and had someone asking what weird sh*t are they reading / watching now? Now normally this comes from people who watch reality TV and think that sh*t is real.

To avoid that reaction many people just keep their love of science fiction it to themselves. It's get tiresome answering the question, "Why are you wasting that time on that made up stuff? Explaining to people that the other stuff on TV is made up too normally falls on deaf ears especially to anyone who thinks Basketball Wives is engaging television.

For the record just as many black people love Star Wars ( not anything featuring Jar Jar Binks though ), Star Trek, Battlestar Galatica, etc. Now you may not see as many of us going to conventions in weird outfits or anything like that but trust me we love the weird sh*t just as much as anyone else.

So there's that's another generalization laid to rest. Live long and prosper!

George Cook

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