Friday, May 15, 2015

TANK, a new African American action hero

Ever wondered where all the African American heroes are in books, television, and movies? Where's our James Bond, Jack Bauer, or Jason Bourne? Well, here's the answer to that question, Greg Dunlap BKA Tank.

I'm writing this post announce the release of my latest Kindle book featuring a new African American hero, TANK: Street Justice! While some may consider it Urban Fiction because of the setting I look at it as a action/adventure story. Our hero is no Boy Scout and has his demons to fight but even he knows when things have gone too far. Check it out, it starts off as a typical urban tale but the ending takes the story somewhere you never expected and launches an entire new series. BUY TANK HERE

George L. Cook III

Here is a trailer for the book

There are some lines even thugs shouldn't cross.

When a little girl is accidentally gunned down by thugs one man, a former Army Ranger makes a promise to her mother to bring those thugs to justice. Tank is about to roll!

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