Friday, September 04, 2015

POLL: Would you vote for Ben Carson?

While Donald Trump is busy sucking most of the oxygen out of the republican primary race another candidate has quietly came up on his heels. That would be the soft spoken Dr. Ben Carson who has no actual qualifications to be president of ANYTHING, let alone President of the United States.

Some republicans/conservatives feel that Carson can attract a sizable amount of the black vote that other candidates can't. What this is based on other than Carson's race is unknown to me. I guess they feel because they like him black voters should like him not because of his views but because of his inspiring life story and his work as a renowned neurosurgeon. But people are smart enough to separate the gifted doctor from the bumbling candidate. Right now Clarence Thomas might be more popular in the black community than Carson especially after Carson's ridiculous comments comparing Obamacare to slavery. I wont even mention his stupid comments about blacks waiting to get a pat on the head from democratic leaders.

But I do wonder if a sizable number of black voters (meaning more than 3%) may still vote for him. Now why the audience here is diverse it is still mostly African American and votes Democrat so your opinion is important here. So let's tale political affiliation out of it. I would like to know if everything were equal could you under any circumstances vote for Ben Carson to be president of these United States?

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