Monday, May 02, 2016

I really don't like Larry Wilmore right now.

By George L. Cook III. EMAIL

I'm sure by now you have heard or read about Larry Wilmore (You know the comedian you had never heard of with the show on Comedy Central that you don't watch) refer to a sitting President of the United States as "My nigga" at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Not just any president mind you, but Barack Obama the first black president.

I won't post the video of his ignorant comments because there are other blogs where you can view them. I just want to make my feelings known.

Now if you are like me your immediate response was "What the f*@# did he just say?"

I was shocked and angry at his comments. A black man finally becomes President of the United States, something all black men of my age bracket were told we could never be by are well meaning teachers. Then in Obama's last year in office, it's a black man that calls him the N-word to his face in public?!?! (Everyone else called him ni**er behind his back or online). The use of the word is always inappropriate regardless of the setting and to refer to Obama that way on national TV (Yes, C-Span counts) is just mind boggling.

My first angry reaction to Wilmore's comments was "F*ck Larry Wilmore!"

I decided to calm down, watch Wilmore's comments again to see if I missed any context, and try to come up with a more adult and mature response. So after much contemplation I came up with this:


I actually wanted to title this post-F*ck Larry Wilmore, but I took a full day to calm down before posting and thought better of it. But I'm still pissed.

Who the hell is Larry Wilmore but a poor man's Chris Rock (I know you thought that was the other black guy that took Jon Stewart's place on The Daily Show) without the wit and jokes. Couldn't he have said "You did it black man." and gotten what I think was his point across?

I wanted to start a boycott of his show but how can people boycott something they don't watch? It would be like asking black people to boycott Fox News

I'm sorry for going at Wilmore like this, but we have to do better with how we represent ourselves publicly. Calling the President of the United States "My ni@@a" is an embarrassment not only to African Americans but in my humble opinion it attacks the legacy of Obama's presidency.

Fortunately Larry Wilmore will soon be forgotten (or on a reality show), but President Obama's legacy will live on.

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