Sunday, July 17, 2016

3 Reasons Hillary Clinton Wont Pick Cory Booker For Her Running Mate

By George L. Cook III [EMAIL]

As an NJ guy and a black man it would make me proud to see Cory Booker as Hillary Clinton's pick for VP. But there are some good reasons why that probably won't happen.

From all appearances Cory Booker, the US Senator from NJ would make an excellent pick for Hillary Clinton's VP pick. He is super intelligent, engaging, energetic, GREAT with policy, a GREAT fundraiser, and willing to work with the other side of the aisle to get things done. But alas there are some very practical reasons why I believe Cory Booker will not be the VP pick. Here are three:

1: This reason is the most important reason and is no fault of Booker's but one that Hillary Clinton can't ignore. If she selects Booker and wins then everybody's "favorite" Fred Flinstone look alike, Chris Christie gets to pick the senator that replaces Booker. Christie will choose a Republican, and that would not be good for Hillary as she will need every vote she can get to get her agenda through Congress.

2: Booker doesn't bring anything that Elizabeth Warren can't. Warren may be even better at pulling in the progressive vote than Booker, and she would be better at attracting disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporters. Booker doesn't help much with the black vote as Clinton is well over 90% without him.

3: Booker doesn't help Clinton electorally. Clinton dominated NJ in the Democratic primary and will win NJ with or without Booker. In contrast, someone like Tom Kaine would bring the important battleground state of Virginia with him.

Booker has shown to be a more than capable senator, and I think Booker can best serve Clinton and the United States by remaining in the Senate and helping to write, sponsor, and pass progressive policies that help most Americans.

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