Thursday, August 04, 2016

Donald Trump declines invitation too speak at National Urban League Conference

By George L. Cook III

For a guy that claims that the "blacks love him" and who constantly says he will get upwards of 25% of the black vote Donald trump sure doesn't seem to want to actually talk to black voters.

In what is not much of a surprise since he also skipped out on a chance to speak to the NAACP Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump has declined an invite to speak at the 2016 National Urban League conference being held in Baltimore from August 3-6.

The Trump campaign has given no reason for declining the invite to the conference.

In contrast while Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton could not make the event she did send her vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine to speak in her absence.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake criticized Trump's decision in the Baltimore sun newspaper:

"If you plan to be president, you should plan to be president of the entire United States, and when you have a national organization of this stature and refuse to participate at this national conference, it speaks to what your priorities are moving forward," Rawlings-Blake said. "African-Americans in this country have a strong tradition, a strong history and an extremely powerful future.

"You cannot think you're going to have an inclusive country, a country that is good for all of America, without including African-Americans."


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