Monday, September 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton discusses plan to help black colleges (HBCUs)

During an interview on The Tom Joyner Morning Show, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton discussed her plan to help HBCU's. In response to a question from Roland Martin she made the following comments.

So what I’m focusing on is more good-paying jobs, I want to make college affordable and that is a plan that I’ve been talking about and working toward since I got into this campaign. I also want to help everybody with student debt and that’s a very high proportion of African-American young people with a B.A., that come out with student debt. We’re going to really help that get paid down and paid off so people can get on with their life.

I’m committed to helping historically Black colleges and universities – in fact, I have a specific fund of $25 billion dollars that will really upgrade and support and provide financial assistance for young people, because I think the HBCU’s are incredibly important in providing a pathway into the future.

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