Saturday, September 24, 2022

U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock leading Herschel Walker by five percentage points

In Georgia’s race for U.S. Senate, Raphael Warnock (47%) leads Herschel Walker (42%) by 5 points statewide. Warnock (47%) and Walker (45%) are closely matched among registered voters who say they definitely plan to vote.

Warnock’s lead over Walker is bolstered by independents (+9 points) and women. A 23-point gender gap exists. 52% of women support Warnock while 49% of men back Walker.

70% of registered voters with a candidate preference for U.S. Senate strongly support their choice. This includes 74% of Warnock’s supporters and 68% of Walker’s backers.

43% of Georgians have a favorable opinion of Warnock, and 40% have an unfavorable impression of him. Walker’s favorable rating is upside down (37% favorable to 41% unfavorable).


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