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Sunday, April 07, 2019

New York man for threatening to assault and kill Ilhan Omar

Patrick Carlineo, a New York man is being charged after calling into Rep. Ilhan Omar's (D-MN) office and threatening to assault and kill the congresswoman.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Senator Tim Scott denounces Steve King's racist tweets

Tim Scott the only African American Republican in the U.S. Senate has denounced Iowa congressman Steve King's racist tweets in which King seems to be supporting white nationalism. Below is one of those tweets.

Here is Scott's response to those racist tweets:

“Rep. King’s comments immediately brought to mind the motto printed on our nation’s coins – e pluribus unum, or ‘out of many, one,’ ” Scott said in an email. “And as a Christian myself, I believe we are all descended from the same place. His comments stand in direct contradiction to those ideas and beliefs, and I firmly reject them.”

Sunday, September 04, 2016

When will Donald Trump apologize for his role in the birther movement?

By George L. Cook III AfricanAmericanReports.Com [EMAIL]

With Donald Trump's recent push to attract black voters many of his surrogates have claimed that Trump has done nothing to turn off black voters. We will not mention the housing discrimination lawsuits brought against him or his call for the execution of five innocent black/brown men in the Central Park Five case, but instead focus on his much more recent role in the Birther Movement.

Donald Trump and his surrogates would like everyone to forget his role in that racist movement because they can't defend it. Even after Pres. Obama's official birth certificate was presented Trump continued to lead the racist charge on this issue. The movement simply tried to delegitamize President Obama for no other reason than that he was African American and that his name sounded like a Muslim one. That was both racist and bigoted, things America is not supposed to be about. It played to the worst fears of American society who are afraid of whites no longer being the majority here in this great melting pot we call the United States.

Donald Trump was chief among the various wingnuts leading this movement as seen in the 2012 video below:

Now Donald Trump can not say this different happen or that he was misunderstood, or that some clone did that interview. He knows what he did. If he wants black votes he can start by apologizing for his role in the birther movement. This angered black voters to no end.

Until he does there is no reason to continue trying to garner black support. You can't support a racist movement and then expect black people to listen to you let alone vote for you.

By George L. Cook III AfricanAmericanReports.Com [EMAIL]

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Parents’ racism keeps little girl from birthday party

Racism wont die because of parents like this. A young white girl wrote her friend a letter explaining her parents wouldn't let her go to her friends birthday party because she’s black. Because of this a little child was put in the position of actually having to write in that same letter that she is not racist. The sad part is that her parents are probably always crying about African Americans playing the race card and also denying that racism even exist. SMH.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Last black member of SAE chapter at Oklahoma University speaks out.

William Bruce James II, who is one of just two black men ever to join the university's Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter, pledged in 2001. After the recent controversy over a racist chant by members of the chapter he has now spoken out.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Were Mark Cuban's comments racist or was he being honest?

Mark Cuban the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks made some very interesting comments when discussing race issues and Donald Sterling. In a moment of pure honesty Cuban admitted to being prejudiced and bigoted at times. Some feel that an example he used of seeing a black man in a hoodie may make him cross the street was racist. Check out his statements below and give your opinion on what Cuban said.

ABC US News | ABC International News