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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Trump ordered to pay Omarosa Manigault Newman $1.3M in legal fees

Former President Donald Trump's presidential campaign has been ordered to pay nearly $1.3 million in legal fees to former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman by a New York court arbitrator.

The award, handed down on Tuesday, comes after Trump filed a complaint against Manigault Newman over her 2018 book, "Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House," in which she called Trump a racist and suggested that he was in "real and serious" mental decline.

Trump's arbitration complaint against Manigault Newman, with the American Arbitration Association in New York City in 2018, alleged that she was in breach of a 2016 confidentiality agreement.

In September, arbitrator T. Andrew Brown ruled that the former president's nondisclosure agreement with Manigault Newman was "unenforceable."

Brown said in the ruling that the terms of the nondisclosure agreement were "highly problematic" because it did not adhere to typical legal standards -- describing it as "vague, indefinite, and therefore void and unenforceable."

In Tuesday's decision, Brown said that Manigault Newman was "defending herself in a claim which was extensively litigated for more than three years, against an opponent who undoubtedly commanded far greater resources than did Respondent."


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Omarosa interview on Clay Cane radio show goes off the rails

Things didn't go as planned when Omarosa Manigault appeared on the SiriusXM channel Urban View for an interview on the Clay Cane show. Things got heated when Manigault realized that this wasn't going to be one the fluff interviews she normally does and decided that she didn't like the Cane's hard ball questions. This led to her questioning the host and Cane telling her that he thought she was a con artist and an opportunist. Watch what happened below:

Omarosa interview: Part 1

Omarosa interview part 2

Friday, July 27, 2018

Will you be buying Omarosa's book on her time in the White House?

By George L. Cook III African American Reports

It was a foregone conclusion that ousted Assistant to the President, Omarosa Manigault would write a book about her brief time in the Trump White House. Well, that book, 'Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House' is set to be released August 14, 2018.

Here's the book's blurb from Amazon:

The former Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison in the Trump White House provides a jaw-dropping look into the corruption and controversy of the current administration.

Few have been a member of Donald Trump’s inner orbit longer than Omarosa Manigault Newman. Their relationship has spanned fifteen years—through four television shows, a presidential campaign, and a year by his side in the most chaotic, outrageous White House in history. But that relationship has come to a decisive and definitive end, and Omarosa is finally ready to share her side of the story in this explosive, jaw-dropping account.

A stunning tell-all and takedown from a strong, intelligent woman who took every name and number, Unhinged is a must-read for any concerned citizen.

Now, the book will probably sell very well, but I won't be one of those buying it. I can't in any way support this woman who would sell out the entire African American community and was only in the whole thing for a title, and the money that would come after she served in Trump's administration. I want to read the book, but I won't be paying for it and enriching Omarosa, maybe I'll get it at the local library, borrow someone else's copy, or wait for the Lifetime movie.

Will you buy the book?

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Black Republicans say Omarosa blocked them from White House jobs.

Black Republicans claim Omarosa blocked them from jobs in order to maintain her status as the “only African American woman… senior staff and assistant to the president” as she described herself on ABC. Her actual White House title has been assistant to the president and director of communications in the White House Office of Public Liaison.

But her actual job description appears not to have been clearly defined. In interviews with the Trice Edney News Wire Black Republicans blame her for blocking Black job applicants from the Trump administration – including Republican stalwart Kay Coles James, who was appointed Dec. 19 as the first African-American and first woman president of the conservative Heritage Foundation.

“I was blocked personally. Essentially, my file was pulled and I wasn’t deemed pro-Trump enough,” says Eugene Craig. “The official excuse was that I wasn’t pro-Trump enough although I was the sitting chair of the Maryland Republican Party.”

Sources said because of President Trump’s need for loyalty, that attribute – loyalty – was among the top considerations for key White House positions. Craig admits that he was a “never Trumper all the way”, but that was during the campaign. Craig says he noticed that when the time came for consideration for jobs and the broad banner of Republicanism, White never-Trumpers were given consideration where African Americans were not.

“The flood gates were opened, but Omarosa held all of us to a different standard. She had say over a lot of the Black resumes. I know for a fact from promises that she made us directly.”

Craig says a January conference call with the Republican National Committee and Trump transition team was held “specifically for African American activists and party loyalists.” He said, “During the middle of the call, she jumped on and bogarted on. And she came in and she made us these promises that this would be the most diverse administration in history. And she’ll help us with whatever we need and wherever we wanted to go into government and to shoot our resumes over to her and she gave us her official transition email. She said this administration has a goal of having 25 percent minority hiring. They wanted 25 percent of the work force to be Black and Hispanic…So she positioned herself as the end all be all for Black things; for Black people in the administration,” Craig said.

Ayshia Connors, a former deputy director of African American engagement at the Republican National Committee, now a senior advisor to Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.), agrees. She describes an initiative by The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies and Insight America, an organization headed by former Republican Congressman J. C. Watts:

“There were hundreds, probably thousands of resumes of qualified individuals in the Black community that were ready and prepared to go into any administration no matter who won the election. And when President Trump got elected, all of those names were submitted and Omarosa literally trashed those names. Nobody got a call back. Nobody got an interview. Nobody was every heard about again. People tried to go in. People were eager and willing to serve the President, willing to serve our country. But Omarosa, she didn’t want other Black Republicans there. She wanted to be the big shot. She wanted to be the only one. And so, everybody kind of just decided it wasn’t worth our times to keep dealing with it. And so, by February, people had just moved on from Omarosa and dealing with the White House and decided to start working with Congress and dealing some other policy matters.”

Connors added that Kay Coles James, former Virginia Secretary of Health and Human Resources under Virginia Republican Gov. George Allen and director for the United States Office of Personnel Management under President George W. Bush, received the same treatment.

“She was willing and prepared to go back into the government and to help the administration. But Omarosa was such a distraction and created so much drama and confusion that Ms. James just decided not to engage it anymore. So that’s what ended up happening. That’s why you only saw Omarosa as a senior Black Republican in the White House.”

In a brief interview with James upon her appointment as president of the Heritage Foundation, James was clear about why she did not go to work in the Trump White House.

“When Donald Trump said that he wanted to improve the urban areas and that he wanted to make the lives of minorities in this country better, I said, wow, if he wants to do that, I genuinely want to be a part of that and I was excited and hopeful the opportunity to come in,” she said. “But that opportunity never really afforded itself. I am told that I was blocked…I don’t have specifics about how that happened, but I was extremely disappointed that I didn’t have the opportunity to serve there.”

Connors said the clearest evidence that Omarosa was not going to work with other Black Republicans came in February when Omarosa was in charge of pulling together the Black History Month program for President Trump.

“During Black History Month, these credible Republicans such as Kay Coles James and J. C. Watts and Elroy Sailor, they tried to engage Omarosa.” Instead, Omarosa put an event together that included her personal picks of African-Americans, including Black Democrats, Connors said.

“She didn’t invite any of the prominent Black Republicans. In fact, we had folks calling us from the White House calling and saying, ‘Why aren’t your names on the list for this event?’ It was very evident from the beginning that she wasn’t going to work with us and that she was just going to do her own thing.”

Connors cited another event for Vice President Pence that was planned by Black Republicans to be held at West Point. “That was another example of Omarosa using her position in the White House to block that event as well. And that was actually the turning point for Black Republicans. We decided she was just too distracting too disruptive and we decided to focus our efforts elsewhere.”

On the record sources willing to speak in defense of Omarosa were difficult to find. But, high placed Republican sources say it is not possible that Omarosa could have made such powerful decisions without oversight in the White House – most likely the President himself. Other high Republican sources said James was offered positions, but Omarosa fought against any Black staff appointment that would be above her own.

Yet another rationale for why some Black Republicans seeking employment were rejected may have been because they had left the Republican National Committee Headquarters in protest against treatment by then RNC Chairman Reince Priebus nearing the end of the presidential campaign. Priebus then became President Trump’s first chief of staff and was likely adverse to hiring the same staffers who had left the RNC, one source said.

Christopher Metzler, an active member of the Black GOP Coalition, who has long worked Republican policy and strategy, had one answer when asked why there were no long time Black Republicans hired as White House staff. “It’s very simple. Omarosa,” he said.

“Somebody like Kay [Coles James] who could serve as a whisperer in the President’s ear like a Condoleezza Rice; like a Valerie Jarrett, was never given that opportunity. There was a lot of back and forth pertaining to that. And Kay said, “Well, it is not going to serve the President well for me to try to cut through this thicket. And as a result of that, she did not push it any further.”

Metzler concluded, “All of these things were blocked by Omarosa. At the end of the day, Omarosa is first and foremost a Democrat. She is not a conservative. She is not a Republican. She never has been. She is simply an opportunist. And that’s where we ended up.”

[Omarosa’s Final Days at White House Full of Controversy, Accusations]

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

John Kelly: I asked black Republicans to apply for Trump administration jobs

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly confirmed Tuesday that he met with a group of black Republicans and asked them to submit their resumes if they were interested in working for the Trump administration.

The meeting took place Monday, just days after the departure of White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman, the former reality TV star.

"I met with them just for a few minutes and said we are looking for talented young men and women of any age that would be willing to come and serve the country for some period of time," Kelly said he told the group.

He added that he wasn't specifically calling for African-American or women applicants

Kelly also asked his guests to spread the word around, in case they knew people who were looking for "something that is very fulfilling."


"We're looking for good people," he said.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Omarosa gets into trouble at the White House over wedding photo shoot

One Saturday in early April, Omarosa Manigault caused a stir in the White House.

The "Apprentice" villain turned senior White House official brought members of her 39-person bridal party to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for an extended wedding photo shoot, catching fellow senior aides and some security officials by surprise in her bridal attire. The visitors loudly wandered around, looking to snap photos in the Rose Garden and throughout the West Wing, according to four current and former White House officials.

While it’s unclear whether she received formal permission for the photo shoot, at least some lawyers and other senior aides were not briefed in advance, the officials said. They quickly banned Manigault, director of communications for the Office of the Public Liaison, from posting the pictures online, citing security and ethical concerns.

The incident — which created buzz in the West Wing for weeks — did little to help the reputation of the Office of Public Liaison, seen by some White House officials as one of the most unruly and under-utilized operations in the West Wing, according to eight current and former White House officials and advisers.

The office has floundered for months, these people say, and has drawn particular scrutiny from Chief of Staff John Kelly, who has asked for changes.

Read more: Omarosa's West Wing bridal adventure highlights broader dysfunction

Saturday, September 02, 2017

John Kelly Pushing Out Omarosa Manigault

Newly minted White House chief of staff John Kelly has sought to put a dent in the influence of one of President Donald Trump’s most famous advisers: Omarosa Manigault.

The former Apprentice co-star—who currently serves as the communications director for the Office of Public Liaison—has seen her direct access to the president limited since Kelly took the top White House job in late July, sources tell The Daily Beast. In particular, Kelly has taken steps to prevent her and other senior staffers from getting unvetted news articles on the president’s Resolute desk—a key method for influencing the president’s thinking, and one that Manigualt used to rile up Trump about internal White House drama.

Multiple sources in and outside the Trump White House told The Daily Beast that, until recently, it was common practice for aides to slide into the Oval Office and distract and infuriate the president with pieces of negative news coverage. Manigault, they say, was one of the worst offenders.

“When Gen. Kelly is talking about clamping down on access to the Oval, she’s patient zero,” a source close to the Trump administration said.

Read more: John Kelly Pushing Out Omarosa for ‘Triggering’ Trump

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Omarosa Manigault embarrasses herself at NABJ Convention

To no one's surprise things did not go well at an NABJ (National Association of Black Journalist) panel involving Omarosa Manigault. She and the moderator, Ed Gordon had heated exchanges after Gordon rightfully asked her about her work in the Trump administration. Omarosa seemed angry that she would be asked about anything Trump and wanted to talk about what she wanted to talk about, and the whole thing just devolved from there. Things got so heated that audience members and eventually Omarosa walked out.

Watch video of this fiasco below:

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Omarosa slams Congressional Black Caucus for ‘showboating'

Ahhh, poor little Omarosa Manigault ( or should I say Honorable Omarosa Maigault..LOL) seems upset that the Congressional black Caucus turned down an invite to meet with Trump a second time, and is having a temper tantrum. It must've hurt to come to the realization that she has about as much pull with African Americans as Trump does...LOL. George L. Cook III AfricanAmerican Reports.Com

Manigault told Fox Business Network's Charles Payne that members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) on Friday of "showboating" and refusing to serve their constituents, after the lawmakers refused an invitation to meet with President Trump. watch video of that segment below.

The Congressional Black Caucus was right not to meet with Trump again

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Trump wants to try again with Congressional Black Caucus

UPDATE: The Congressional Black Caucus turned down an invitation to meet with President Donald Trump, telling him Wednesday they believe their concerns are falling on "deaf ears" at the White House and his policies are devastating to the millions of Americans in the nation's black communities: Read more here:CBC turns down Trump invitation

Almost three months after President Trump tried to mend fences with African American members of Congress at the White House, Mr. Trump is once again trying to restart talks with the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC).

Mr. Trump's adviser Omarosa Manigault sent a letter to the CBC on June 9, inviting all members of the CBC back to the White House for a follow up meeting to "discuss issues pertinent to your members."

A source inside the CBC was skeptical about the latest invitation, saying, "We're willing to engage with the president, but it has to be a substantive policy discussion, not a photo op."

"The caucus has been quite clear that the policy proposals of this administration, from cutting early childhood education funding to dismantling the Affordable Care Act, would cause great harm to African American communities across the nation," the source added.

Mr. Trump's outreach to African American community leaders has resulted with more photo ops than actual results.

Presidents of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) met with Mr. Trump at the end of February, when he signed an executive order that moved an HBCU task force into the White House from the Department of Education.

The college presidents sought a 5 to 10 percent increase in funding for black schools during the meeting. But Mr. Trump's recently released budget proposal revealed no new funding for the schools, despite signals otherwise.


Friday, April 28, 2017

Omarosa Manigault: Blacks not trying hard enough to work with Trump

Here's another example of Omarosa's and the Trump administrations tone deafness to the black community. They don't seem to get that the onus is in them to earn the trust and respect of the community through THEIR actions and not the other way around. Refusing to enforce consent decrees, cuts to education and HBCUs, attacks on healthcare (ACA), Jeff Sessions appointment as Attorney General, talking about making stop and frisk the law of the land, not doing anything about discriminatory voter ID laws, and cutting environmental protections don't give the impression that the Trump administration wants to work with African Americans. George Cook AfricanAmericanReports.

President Donald Trump's liaison to the black community, the former "Apprentice" star Omarosa Manigault, says African-American activists aren't trying hard enough to work with the new administration.

The White House aide delivered the pointed message in an interview with The Associated Press in advance of an appearance Thursday at the annual convention of an activist organization founded by the Rev. Al Sharpton.

"We're here waiting, willing to work with the community," Manigault said when asked about Trump's moves to slash programs that benefit minorities. "This president wants to engage. It's not a one-way street."

She was more measured Thursday afternoon as she faced hundreds of black activists, who, like African-American voters across the nation last fall, overwhelmingly opposed Trump's presidency.

Several participants refused to utter the president's name in convention sessions, referring to the 45th president only by the number 45. Trump got just 8 percent of the African-American vote last November, according to exit polls.

"I'm ready," Manigault told the crowd as some murmured their disapproval. "I know what I came into, and I ain't never scared."

She insisted she's spent her first 100 days in Washington fighting for the black community. She noted that Trump has met personally with the Congressional Black Caucus and the presidents of historically black colleges and universities.

Manigault called on black leaders to help the struggling institutions as well.

"As I fight for you from the White House, I need you to fight on the outside," she said from the podium of a Manhattan hotel ballroom.

Read more: Trump Aide: Blacks not trying hard enough to work with Trump

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Omarosa Manigault is in Trump’s White House, but what does she do there?

In Omarosa Manigault’s brief tenure as assistant to the president, as she has worked to bridge a divide between black America and the man she has long supported. Many including black republicans would say that she has been ineffective in that role.

Manigault, 43, is fiercely loyal to Donald Trump, whose decision to cast her as an alpha-female villain in the first season of “The Apprentice” more than a decade ago made her a reality television celebrity. Manigault also appears to have Trump’s ear, and some black political observers see her as an important ally in a White House that is overwhelmingly white and male.

But if her devotion explains how Manigault wound up in Trump’s White House as the highest-ranking African American in the West Wing, it is far less easy to explain exactly what she’s doing there. Some African American political insiders already have concluded that she is ineffective, and she is routinely derided on social media as simply providing cover for a president deeply unpopular with African Americans. Some black Republicans were particularly critical of the Trump administration’s handling of the HBCU initiative, which included a White House meeting with the school officials that some viewed as little more than a photo op for the president.

Read more: Omarosa Manigault is in Trump’s White House because of her loyalty. But what is she doing there?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

White House reporter accuses Omarosa Manigault of bullying her

Conflict and controversy seem to follow Omarosa Manigault, who stirred up plenty of both as a reality-TV star and a longtime associate of President Trump.

Manigault, who is now a communications official in the Trump administration, got into a heated argument with a White House reporter just steps from the Oval Office last week, according to witnesses. The reporter, April Ryan, said Manigault “physically intimidated” her in a manner that could have warranted intervention by the Secret Service.

Ryan also said Manigault made verbal threats, including the assertion that Ryan was among several journalists on whom Trump officials had collected “dossiers” of negative information.

The encounter between Manigault and Ryan took place outside White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s West Wing office late Wednesday. Among the witnesses were White House press office staffers and a Washington Post reporter, Abby Phillip.

Phillip said she didn’t hear every word of the women’s exchange but said Ryan told her afterward that she felt Manigault’s behavior was so threatening that it was “Secret Serviceable,” meaning that it rose to the level of law enforcement intervention.

Ryan, a veteran White House correspondent for the American Urban Radio Networks, used the same phrase repeatedly in an interview. “She stood right in my face like she was going to hit me,” Ryan said. “I said, ‘You better back up.’ . . . She thought I would be bullied. I won’t be.”

Read more: Journalist says Omarosa Manigault bullied her and mentioned a ‘dossier’ on her

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Donald Trump Black Voter Outreach Led By Omarosa Manigault?

In what is probably a token gesture at most Donald Trump's campaign is attempting to reach out to African Americans voters. The reason I believe it's a token gesture is because Trump has reached out to Omarosa Manigault to lead this effort. Yes, that Omarosa who has about as respect or credibility in the black community as Clarence Thomas. Listen to her explain how she will conduct that outreach with NPR's Elise Hu on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday.