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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Sen. Cory Booker calls on Sen. Menendez to resign

Sen. Cory Booker has called for his New Jersey counterpart, Sen. Bob Menendez, to resign, four days after Menendez was indicted for allegedly accepting bribes.

U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) issued the following statement:

“For nearly a decade, I’ve worked in the Senate alongside Senator Menendez. As New Jersey’s junior Senator, I imagine that I’ve had more professional experiences with him than most others, and I’ve witnessed his extraordinary work and boundless work ethic. I’ve consistently found Senator Menendez to be intellectually gifted, tough, passionate, and deeply empathic. We have developed a working relationship and a friendship that I value and believe has furthered our effectiveness in serving New Jersey.

“Senator Menendez is again facing a federal indictment, one that contains shocking allegations of corruption and specific, disturbing details of wrongdoing. I’ve found the allegations hard to reconcile with the person I know.

“It is not surprising to me that Senator Menendez is again determined to mount a vigorous defense. And I still believe he, like anyone involved with our criminal justice system, deserves our presumption of innocence until proven guilty. A jury of his peers will make the ultimate decision as to whether he is criminally guilty.

“There is, however, another higher standard for public officials, one not of criminal law but of common ideals. As Senators, we operate in the public trust. That trust is essential to our ability to do our work and perform our duties for our constituents.

“The details of the allegations against Senator Menendez are of such a nature that the faith and trust of New Jerseyans as well as those he must work with in order to be effective have been shaken to the core.

“As Senator Menendez prepares to mount his legal defense, he has stated that he will not resign. Senator Menendez fiercely asserts his innocence and it is therefore understandable that he believes stepping down is patently unfair. But I believe this is a mistake.

“Stepping down is not an admission of guilt but an acknowledgment that holding public office often demands tremendous sacrifices at great personal cost. Senator Menendez has made these sacrifices in the past to serve. And in this case he must do so again. I believe stepping down is best for those Senator Menendez has spent his life serving.”

Wednesday, July 05, 2023

NJ Governor Phil Murphy Signs Joint Resolution Establishing July 5th as Larry Doby Day

Governor Phil Murphy today signed a joint resolution (AJR221) designating July 5th of each year as Larry Doby Day. This day of recognition honors the incredible legacy of Lawrence “Larry” Eugene Doby, a pioneer in the desegregation of professional baseball in the United States.

A New Jersey native, Larry Doby began his athletic career playing baseball, basketball, football, and running varsity track at Eastside High School in Paterson. His success as a baseball player on the Newark Eagles earned him attention from professional teams, which at the time were limited to white men only. On July 5th, 1947, Doby joined the Cleveland Indians and became the first African American baseball player in the American League. Today marks the 76th anniversary of Doby breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball.

“We are extremely proud of Larry Doby’s legacy and the impact his life has had on our nation’s history,” said Governor Murphy. “As our national pastime, the sport of baseball holds an important place in American culture and history, and its desegregation is a significant chapter of the civil rights movement. Establishing this day in Larry Doby’s honor creates an annual opportunity to evaluate our effort to continue his fight for equality and to express our gratitude and admiration for his courage.”

“First, I want to thank Senator Ruiz, Senator Pou, Assemblyman Wimberly, and Assemblywoman Sumter for their effort in honoring my father,” said Larry Doby Jr. “I would also like to thank Governor Murphy for signing the bill and making this possible. As a family, we are extremely proud and humbled by this honor.”

Primary Sponsors of SJR118 include Senators Teresa Ruiz and Nellie Pou, and Assemblymembers Benjie E. Wimberly and Shavonda Sumter.

“Larry Doby rose out of the working classes of Paterson to become an American icon, and role model, facing all forms of hate and bigotry along the way,” said Senate Majority Leader Ruiz. “His determination to rise above it, and along with Jackie Robinson to break major league baseball’s color barrier, set a living example that endures nearly 80 years later, and paved the way for generations of young people who dream of playing professional sports. After his retirement, he lived out his days in Montclair where he continued to be a powerful figure in the community.”

“Like Jackie Robinson, Paterson’s Larry Doby endured all manner of racism and discrimination – from white players, fans and even teammates. He was not allowed to sleep in the same hotels or eat at the same restaurants as white players. Yet through it all, he persevered with class and dignity, becoming one of the all-time stars of our national pastime,” said Senator Pou. “This resolution will help make sure Larry Doby’s name and remarkable achievements are never forgotten.”

“Larry Doby’s Major League Baseball career transcended beyond entertainment and will forever live on in our nation’s history,” said Assemblyman Wimberly. “As the second black baseball player to play in the major leagues, he broke down barriers and left his mark on African-American history. It is fitting that we commemorate Larry Doby with a day in his honor.”

“Larry Doby was an extraordinary athlete and a pioneer in the desegregation of professional baseball,” said Assemblywoman Sumter. “An example for all youth, Larry Doby demonstrated dignity and grace in the face of adversity. We must continue to honor his contributions to our state and keep the memory of his tenacity and courage alive.”

Doby’s talent left an indelible impact on both the baseball community and the ongoing fight against racism. He was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1998 and was posthumously honored by Congress for his contributions to the advancement of civil rights. Today, a life-sized bronze statue of the baseball star stands just outside of the Cleveland Guardians’ Progressive Field.

Following his retirement, Doby returned to New Jersey to raise his children in Montclair, as well as work in community relations for the NBA on behalf of the New Jersey Nets. The City of Paterson has since renamed Eastside Park’s baseball field to “Larry Doby Field”.

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Stoutsburg Sourland African American Museum Awarded $600,000 Mellon Foundation Grant

The Stoutsburg Sourland African American Museum (SSAAM) has been awarded a $600,000 grant from the Mellon Foundation. This two-year grant will support organizational capacity-building, interpretation of historic sites, and cultural education programming at the only museum in central New Jersey to tell the story of African Americans from the transatlantic slave trade to the present day.

SSAAM is located at the National Historic Register-listed Mt. Zion AME Church in Skillman. The Mt. Zion congregation was originally organized in 1866 by African American descendants of free and enslaved people who lived in the Sourland region. In 1899, the church was moved to its present location at the base of Sourland Mountain, on land donated by members of the True family. This year, SSAAM – together with the Sourland Conservancy and the support of generous donors – was able to acquire the adjacent five-acre True Farmstead. The historic farmstead was once home to an African American Civil War veteran as well as descendants of Friday Truehart, who was brought to New Jersey from South Carolina as an enslaved 13-year-old boy.

SSAAM looks forward to the expanded hiring, program development, and historic site interpretation that this grant will enable in 2023 and 2024. With funding from the Mellon Foundation, SSAAM will continue to develop its heritage garden at the True Farmstead and transform the farmhouse into a vibrant exhibition and education space. The museum plans to expand with the addition of staff in education, marketing, and fund development. Grant funds will also be used to hire consultants on local African American history, heritage gardening, and Black culinary traditions, as well as to produce educational materials for general visitors and school outreach.

“SSAAM’s distinctive surroundings in the Sourland region, with its powerful and deeply rooted African American history and larger-than-life historical figures, allow the museum to offer a broader and truer vision of the past to inspire future generations,” said SSAAM Executive Director Donnetta Johnson. “SSAAM is grateful to the Mellon Foundation for this grant, which positions the museum to serve as a leading cultural organization in central New Jersey and beyond.”

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is the nation’s largest supporter of the arts and humanities. Since 1969, the Foundation has been guided by its core belief that the humanities and arts are essential to human understanding. The Foundation believes that the arts and humanities are where we express our complex humanity, and that everyone deserves the beauty, transcendence, and freedom that can be found there. Through our grants, we seek to build just communities enriched by meaning and empowered by critical thinking, where ideas and imagination can thrive.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

NJ Museum Welcomes Leading African American Women to Board of Trustees

The Stoutsburg Sourland African American Museum (SSAAM), central New Jersey's first and only Black history museum, is thrilled to welcome three leading African American women to its Board of Trustees this year.

“As I am now in the beginning of my second year as SSAAM’s Executive Director,” Donnetta Johnson said. “I must say that working alongside the stellar and passionate SSAAM Board, staff, and founders has been nothing short of exhilarating. SSAAM’s mission of providing a broader and truer American history narrative with the intention of encouraging greater understanding between our diverse communities is so unifying. With the addition of three amazingly accomplished women, Jackie Fay, Stephanie Adkins, and Marion Gill, all of whom are inspired and motivated by our mission, SSAAM is poised for the successful launch of our capital campaign to build Central New Jersey’s only African American museum complex and environmental center.”

Stephanie Adkins, Executive Vice President and Chief Lending Officer at the Bank of Princeton, brings her in-depth financial knowledge, fundraising expertise, and connections to donors as SSAAM grows and expands. In addition to her role at the Bank of Princeton, Stephanie works closely with the service organization Jack and Jill of America, and is passionate about its mission “to invest in the future of our children,” providing opportunities for young people to learn leadership skills and build character.

“I joined this board because I believe in SSAAM’s mission. I have lived and worked in this area for decades and simply did not know that there was an African American history and legacy here. I want to make sure that people far and wide will understand who Friday Truehart and his fellow travelers were and what they accomplished. SSAAM is a treasure.”

Jackie Fay, Chief of Staff for NJ Assemblyman Anthony S. Verelli, has 25 years of experience in Human Resources for large organizations, with a special interest in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) best practices. During her corporate career, Jackie successfully supervised vendors, systems, mergers, technology upgrades, and benefits for major corporations serving over 150,000 employees. She is also a seasoned event planner and volunteer fundraiser who co-planned and co-hosted SSAAM’s “Oxtail Fest” dinner in November 2021, a celebration of the African American culinary tradition that raised more than $85,000 for the organization. As an American of African, Cuban, and Latin American descent, Jackie has an abiding interest in sharing the untold stories of the African American community.  

"I believe SSAAM has a unique opportunity to educate future generations of New Jerseyans about the true history of African Americans in our state, something I was denied in New Jersey's public schools,” Jackie said. “All our children should learn about the enormous contributions made by people of color, as well as the hardships they faced."

Marion Gill, Associate Director of Special Projects at Princeton University, has been a leading figure in the museum world for over 30 years; her first project at Princeton is the expansion and rebuilding of the university’s art museum due for 2024. Marion has unique experience in all aspects of museum operations, from “shovel in the ground” to program development and execution. She previously served as the Director of Museum Planning and Operations for the International African American Museum (IAAM) in Charleston, South Carolina, and spent more than 25 years at the Smithsonian Institution, where she played a key role in the planning and opening of the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) in 2004 and the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) in 2016. Marion has a deeply rooted family tradition of service that has fostered her strong commitment to “give back” to her community. She brings her connections to leading national museums and an elite donor and sponsor base across the country to support SSAAM’s mission.

“SSAAM's work – preserving, celebrating, and disseminating African American history and culture – is central to understanding the American experience,” Marion said. “I am thrilled and humbled to support this incredible organization.”

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Assemblywoman Angela V. McKnight Named Chair of the New Jersey Legislative Black Caucus Foundation

The Board Members of the New Jersey Legislative Black Caucus Foundation has selected Assemblywoman Angela V. McKnight (D-Hudson County) to serve as chair of the organization. “I am honored that my peers have selected me to chair this very important organization of legislators, corporate leaders and community stakeholders,” said Assemblywoman McKnight who was also named Assembly Deputy Majority Leader this session.

Assemblywoman McKnight is serving her fourth term in the General Assembly and was the first African American woman elected to serve the 31st district of New Jersey. She has been very vocal on issues that affect Black people and disadvantaged populations throughout the state.

The New Jersey Legislative Black Caucus Foundation is committed to addressing issues that affect the quality of life of Black residents as well as the civil and human rights of all people. “As a state legislator I have the opportunity to change and implement laws that make living in New Jersey better; now as the chair of this non-profit arm, I get to go above and beyond that role,” says Assemblywoman McKnight.

The New Jersey Legislative Black Caucus provides educational and recreational activities for the community; organizes and promotes collaboration amongst legislators, business leaders and organizational leaders; provides scholarship and internship opportunities for students, and sponsors seminars and forums to educate the community on legislative policy.

About: The New Jersey Legislative Black Caucus Foundation is a non-profit corporation created for the purpose of promoting public policy by encouraging the interaction of the community with legislators and members of government at all levels. Visit:

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Sen. Cory Booker tests positive for COVID-19

U.S. Senator Cory Booker said on Sunday they that he tested positive for COVID-19 and was experiencing mild symptoms amid a nationwide surge in coronavirus cases.

Booker, 52, a New Jersey Democrat, said on Twitter he had learned Sunday of his positive test "after first feeling symptoms on Saturday." He added he had "relatively mild" symptoms and recently had received a vaccine booster. "I’m certain that without them I would be doing much worse," he said.

Booker released the following statement via Twitter:

Thursday, December 02, 2021

Public NJ Golf Course Brings Back Original Name To Honor Its African-American Ownership And History

A NJ golf club located in Scotch Plains was renamed back to its original name, Shady Rest this week, just in time for a 100th anniversary gala on Friday night celebrating its African-American history.

Sunday, November 07, 2021

NJ State Senator Gill announces run for Senate President

State Senator Nia Gill (D-34) of Essex County issued the following statement announcing her run for Senate President:

“I’m Running for Senate President.

“Today, I announce my candidacy for the office of President of the New Jersey Senate. On Tuesday, the voters spoke, and with their voices, resoundingly rejected the business of politics as usual. This past election resulted in a mandate for change from the voters.

“We must meet that mandate and reestablish transparency and accountability within the Statehouse. This includes ensuring the ability for all Senators to be equally serviced by the staff and resources of the Statehouse. This includes guaranteeing the public has access to all proceedings. This includes giving legislators and the people ample time to review and provide input on proposed legislation before it proceeds for a vote.

“We are at a pivotal moment for the future of the State of New Jersey. This pivotal moment includes choosing who will be the next Senate President after Senator Sweeney’s departure. As Senate President, I look to lead our chamber in a way that reflects and is responsive to meet our State’s rich diversity of needs.

“As we continue to rebuild our communities and deal with the impacts of COVID-19, we must choose a leader who will heed the voters’ call and meet this moment for change. We must not be tempted by the path of least resistance and perpetuate the same dynamics the voters so clearly rebuked. I understand and have seen what makes the institution of the Senate critical for our future. We must choose a leader with a background and experience that can help meet the needs of our diverse State.

“I am committed to working with each member of the legislature in all forty districts to address the issues raised by the voters and ensure the continued prosperity of our State. We must heal the divisive nature of our politics and move forward, together, for a stronger New Jersey. I am ready to meet this moment with the gravity it demands; I ask for your support.”

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Senator Cory Booker: How the American Rescue Plan helps you and New Jersey

Senator Cory Booker (NJ) sent out the following statement explaining how the American Rescue Plan helps New Jersey:

March 13, 2021

Dear New Jerseyan,

This past week, President Biden signed into law the American Rescue Plan, delivering on his and Congressional Democrats’ promise to provide COVID-19 relief to the American people. I supported this bold legislation because it provides an urgent and historic investment in the health and financial stability of millions of New Jerseyans and people across the country, a boost to our small businesses, and a lifeline to state and local governments. The landmark American Rescue Plan puts our country on a path to ending this pandemic and building back stronger and better. 

The American Rescue Plan provides a number of benefits, which will directly benefit you. I encourage New Jerseyans who would like to see a detailed breakdown and more information on how to access these critical resources to take a look at our updated COVID-19 Federal Relief Update for New Jerseyans at

Here is just a snapshot of what this landmark bill will do for the American people:

Stimulus Checks

  • $1,400 direct payments to individuals making less than $75,000 or couples making less than $150,000 and each of their dependent children. (Some individuals earning up to $80,000 and couples earning up to $160,000 will be eligible to receive a reduced amount of this benefit).
  • This will total $9.62 billion in combined direct payments for 3,691,546 eligible New Jersey households – an average $2,605 per household.
  • On top of $600 checks approved in December, these $1,400 payments fulfill a promise of providing $2,000 stimulus payments per person.
  • Unlike previous rounds, adult dependents would be eligible for payments.
  • Citizen spouses and children living in mixed-status families are also eligible for payments.

Unemployment Insurance (UI)

  • Emergency provisions expanding unemployment insurance benefits that were due to lapse March 14 will now be extended to September 6.
  • These changes extend the $300 federal weekly enhanced benefit through September 6.
  • The American Rescue Plan makes the first $10,200 of unemployment insurance benefit income tax-free for individuals earning up to $150,000.
  • Freelancers, gig workers and independent contractors are eligible for expanded benefits.
  • Over 268,000 New Jerseyans whose federal UI benefits were due to expire this week will have them extended.

Tax Credits

  • Expands the existing Child Tax Credit for families with children by up to $1,600 per child, from $2,000 to $3,600 per child under age six and $3,4000 per child under age 18. 
  • Families will become able to receive the credit as a monthly payment.
  • More than 1.6 million New Jersey children will benefit from this expanded credit, including an additional 560,000 children who previously did not qualify for the full benefit.
  • 82% of New Jersey children will now be eligible for the Child Tax Credit
  • In addition to benefiting millions of New Jersey children, these changes will lift 10 million American children out of poverty, including an estimated 89,000 in New Jersey.


  • The American Rescue Plan provides $14 billion for vaccines, helping to scale up America’s vaccine capacity.
  • The law also provides $49 billion for testing, contact tracing, genomic sequencing to track new variants and monitor of COVID-19 to better prevent its spread.
  • It also provides $7.6 billion to hire 100,000 public health workers to administer vaccines and support the pandemic response.

State/Local Assistance

  • The American Rescue Plan provides $360 billion in direct, flexible aid to every state, county and municipal government, to help cover increased costs and lost revenues due to the pandemic, while keeping essential public workers on the job and maintaining critical services for residents; includes $10 billion to expand broadband internet access.
  • The law provides an estimated $10.2 billion for New Jersey, including approximately $6.4 billion for the state plus another $192 million for broadband, $1.823 billion combined for all 21 counties, and $1.741 billion split among all 565 municipalities. 
  • The law provides $50 billion for Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) Disaster Relief Fund (DRF) to reimburse state and local COVID response costs at 100% cost share.
  • New Jersey has already received $2 billion from FEMA DRF.

Help is on the way. Together, we will finally overcome this pandemic and build back better. 



Cory A. Booker
United States Senator

Thursday, December 17, 2020


For the first time in Paterson PD history a fallen officer’s badge number will be reassigned.

In 2007, Paterson Police Officer Tyron D. Franklin was fatally shot while doing his duty as an officer and protecting other Patersonians. Thirteen years later, Bevennia Franklin, sister of Officer Tyron Franklin will be following in her brother’s footsteps and joining the Paterson police force.

On Friday, December 18, Mayor Andre Sayegh together with the Paterson Police Department will reassign Officer Tyron Franklin’s badge number to his sister Bevennia. This is the first time in Paterson’s history a badge reassignment ceremony will take place.

Bevennia is set to graduate from the police academy at the end of December.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Dr. Brian Bridges Appointed New Jersey Secretary of Higher Education

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has announced his selection of Dr. Brian Bridges as the state’s new Secretary of Higher Education. Bridges, who is UNCF’s Vice President of Research and Member Engagement, is leaving UNCF to assume his duties beginning Nov. 16.

Dr. Michael L. Lomax, president and CEO, UNCF, said “Brian Bridges is a great choice to be New Jersey’s new Secretary of Education. He has led our research and institutional transformation work at UNCF, driving our strategy to ensure that our Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) produce ever stronger results for the students they serve. Brian is a passionate, committed, and relentless advocate for justice, equality, and equity in the academy. All of us at UNCF will miss Brian, but we know that he will continue to champion the urgent cause of higher education access and affordability, and he will lead a new era of innovation and transformation for all of New Jersey’s colleges and universities and their students.”

As New Jersey’s Secretary of Higher Education, Dr. Bridges will use his higher education experience and leadership skills to help guide the governor and the New Jersey state legislature in carrying out its critical mission to make college more affordable and accessible to build a stronger and fairer New Jersey for all. His new role will oversee 78 two- and four-year institutions, serve more than 500,000 students and provide advice and guidance on $1.5 billion of sustainable and responsible funding for those institutions.

“Achieving this level of success comes as no surprise,” said Dr. Lomax. “Since joining UNCF as executive director of the UNCF Frederick D. Patterson Research Institute (FDPRI) in 2012, and then rising to vice president of research and member engagement in 2014, Brian has contributed to the success of UNCF and grown in both leadership and national stature as he positioned FDPRI into the nation’s leading authority on the HBCU value proposition and gained a reputation as a leading voice in African American higher education.”

“For this, and his many major contributions to our organization, we truly thank him, and look forward to watching him as he continues on a path to major success. Congratulations, Secretary Bridges!” said Lomax.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Union County Freeholders Celebrate New Statewide “County Commissioner” Name

Union County Freeholders Rebecca Williams, Angela Garretson, and Andrea Staten (l-r) joined New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy in a bill signing ceremony in Trenton on Friday for a new state law that changes the title of freeholder to commissioner.

Union County, NJ – The Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders welcomes a new state law that changes the name “board of chosen freeholders” to “board of county commissioners,” and “chosen freeholder” to “county commissioner” for all 21 counties in New Jersey. Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation earlier today, and the changeover will take place beginning in 2021.
The title “freeholder” dates back to the 1700’s. It refers to white male property owners who had clear title to their land, reflecting laws that effectively prevented most women, and practically all Black Americans, from holding public office in New Jersey.
“This Freeholder Board strongly supports the Black Lives Matter movement, and we support efforts to break down the barrier of structural racism in all its forms,” said Freeholder Chairman Alexander Mirabella. “This change in title will finally put to rest a centuries-old concept of civic participation that is out of step with the diversity of our population and inconsistent with the principles of equality.”
“County Commissioner’ is an inclusive title that celebrates and respects all citizens who seek to participate in the civic fabric of our community,” said Freeholder Angela Garretson, who sponsored a Freeholder resolution in support of the name change and worked with colleagues at all levels of government throughout New Jersey to advocate for the change.
“As one of five women on our nine-member Freeholder Board, I understand the historical significance, and need for change. I am especially proud of the transition to a title that fully embraces the contributions of all women, minorities, and/or non-privileged members into the democratic process in New Jersey,” Freeholder Garretson added.
“We continue to strive to represent our ever diversifying constituency,” said Freeholder Andrea Staten.  “As an African American member of a majority female board, this new title is a positive and significant change for County Freeholders throughout the State of New Jersey.”
“As the late, great Toni Morrison noted, language is something that we ‘do,’ it is the action verb that we perform daily. With the change to County Commissioner, the State of New Jersey acknowledges that the path toward an equitable and inclusive society requires that we pay attention to how we use language to represent both ourselves and the people—as commissioners, we are entrusted to serve the people with all the meaning with which that word is invested,” said Freeholder Rebecca Williams.
Collective efforts to modernize the title have been undertaken periodically in recent years. These efforts gained momentum in recent months, following the murder of Minneapolis, Minnesota resident George Floyd. The widespread actions, including many in New Jersey and Union County, challenged the persistence of institutional and structural racism in America and raised awareness of the Black Lives Matter movement and racial inequities, at a time when the COVID-19 crisis has underscored disproportionate impacts on health and food security.

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Bonnie Watson Coleman wins NJ Democratic Primary

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D) won the Democratic primary in New Jersey's 12th District as she looks to return to Congress for a fourth term.

Coleman won with 90 percent of the vote, with 35 percent of precincts reporting, according to the Associated Press. She prevailed over newspaper publisher Lisa McCormick, who was part of a wave of progressive candidates challenging incumbents in New Jersey this primary cycle.

Coleman will face Republican Mark Razzoli, a local Councilman and a retired detective of the Jersey City Police Department, in November as she runs for a fourth term. The Cook Political Report rates the race "solid Democratic."


Donald Payne Jr. wins NJ Democratic Primary

Rep. Donald Payne Jr. won the Democratic primary in New Jersey's 10th District, leaving him well placed to earn a 6th term in November.

Payne won with 90 percent of the vote, with 31 percent of precincts reporting, according to the Associated Press. He defeated two educators - John Flora, a teacher, and Eugene Mazo, a professor at Rutgers Law School and an election law expert.

First elected in 2012 to replace his father Donald Payne Sr. (D) who died from colon cancer, Payne will face Jennifer Zinone, who ran unopposed in the Republican primary.


Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Rep. Payne, Jr. Skips State of the Union address

Congressman Donald M. Payne Jr. (NJ 10th District) released the following statement regarding his decision not to attend President Trump’s State of the Union address tonight.

“I refuse to support a President who has spent his entire term promoting his interests ahead of the public good,” said Congressman Payne, Jr. “Traditionally, the State of the Union address has been a time for the President of the United States to be accountable to the people for the job he is doing. But the Republican Senate has proven that President Trump is not accountable to the people and that his actions to solicit election interference from Ukraine do not constitute a serious violation of public trust. This is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the Constitution and created American democracy. So I will not attend the State of the Union to protest the president’s actions as well as support my House colleagues who voted to impeach the president and hold him accountable. I go to a State of the Union address to hear the President. I do not go to hear a self-appointed King.”

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Rep. Payne, Jr. Rated New Jersey’s Most Popular House Member

Congressman Donald M. Payne, Jr. was rated New Jersey’s most popular member of the U.S. House of Representatives in a recent study by the website, 24/7 Wall Street. The study reviewed approval ratings and election results for Senators and Representatives from all 50 states to determine the most popular, and least popular, elected officials.

Congressman Donald M. Payne, Jr. was delighted to hear of the study’s results.

“I really want to thank the great people of New Jersey’s 10th Congressional District for this honor,” said Congressman Payne, Jr. “They are the ones who elect me and inspire me to fight to better their lives every day. I am proud of the work we have been doing together to benefit the district. I am grateful to be their representative in Congress and hope to continue those efforts in the future.”

The website, 24/7 Wall Street, is an international news and features service that focuses primarily on national and international economic issues. The site contains reports on specific business concerns, such as the energy and health sectors, as well as insightful analysis and commentary for global investors. Stories from the website are syndicated around the world. The study was one of the site’s special reports and released January 18, 2020.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Cory Booker running for re-election to the U.S. Senate

Moments after telling supporters that he would be suspending his presidential campaign, Cory Booker filed for re-election to the U.S. Senate where he has served since 2013.

Booker filed with the Federal Election Commission on Monday in order to start raising money for the November election.

The Senator does face a primary challenge from progressive activist Lawrence Hamm, who is chair of Bernie Sanders’ New Jersey presidential campaign.

Booker is expected to win the endorsement of all 21 Democratic county organizations in New Jersey, and is the overwhelming favorite to win renomination.

The filing deadline is March 30 and the New Jersey primary is June 2.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Congressman Payne, Jr. visits Two Newark Facilities to Help Distribute Bottled Water

Washington, D.C. — Congressman Donald M. Payne, Jr. handed out bottled water and discussed Newark’s water crisis with residents at two local facilities Sept. 6. The Congressman spent more than two hours at the Bo Porter Sports Complex and the Boylan Street Recreation Center, where he helped residents get the clean water they needed and talked with them about their water concerns. The visits were part of the Congressman’s commitment to do everything possible to help local communities survive the crisis.

Congressman Payne, Jr. said he understands their concerns because he is one of them.

“As a resident and representative of Newark, I am very concerned about the discovery of elevated levels of lead in Newark’s water supply,” said Congressman Payne, Jr. “This is water my family and I drink regularly. Traditionally, Newark has been known for the quality of its water and had been known for some of the cleanest water in the country.”

He said the crisis in Newark is his top priority. He is working with local, state and national officials to solve it as quickly as possible. Congressman Payne, Jr. introduced the Test for Lead Act in Congress to establish stronger tests for lead in school drinking water across the country. Recently, he co-signed and sent letters to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Agriculture to make sure facilities and communities have enough bottled water to distribute until the city’s drinking water is considered safe.

But he wanted to see the situation and talk with affected residents personally. He said the urgency of the issue is one that requires physical as well as political action to get clean water to communities now and then make sure nothing like this tragedy happens in the future, especially when it comes to the safety of the district’s children.

“The greatest threat with this water issue is the health of our children,” said Congressman Payne, Jr. “We need to work tirelessly and immediately to guarantee what happened in Flint, MI. doesn’t happen anywhere else.”

Sunday, April 28, 2019

NJ Governor Murphy Orders Mississippi State Flag be Removed From Liberty State Park

NJ Governor Phil Murphy today ordered that the Mississippi state flag be replaced by the American flag at New Jersey’s Liberty State Park. Flags from every state in the country adorn poles along Freedom Way, which runs through the park. The Mississippi State flag, which prominently features the Confederate emblem, will be replaced with an American flag.

“New Jersey’s strength is rooted in our diverse communities,” said Governor Phil Murphy. “The Confederate symbol displayed on the Mississippi state flag is reprehensible and does not reflect our values of inclusivity and equality. I applaud Senator Cunningham for bringing this issue in her district to my attention.”

“The Confederate flag symbolizes an era of hate, violence, and division,” said Sen. Sandra Cunningham. “I thank Governor Murphy for his commitment to tolerance and equality and for the decision to remove this hateful symbol from Liberty State Park. Hate has no home in New Jersey.”

Monday, April 22, 2019

Sheilah Coley to Lead Trenton New Jersey PD

Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora announced on Monday his nomination of Sheilah Coley as the next Director of the Trenton Police Department. Coley previously served as Director and Chief of the Newark Police Department and as Public Safety Director for East Orange. Coley also has the designation of being Trenton’s first African-American female Police Director.

“I am thrilled that Chief Coley has agreed to head the Trenton Police Department,” said Gusciora. “She has been at the forefront of cutting edge crime-fighting technology and understands how to make changes in a department that pay off in reducing crime. She is extremely qualified, and we are excited to welcome her to the Capital City.”

“This is an honor, and I am proud to have the chance to serve the people of Trenton as their next Police Director,” said Coley. “I want to thank Mayor Gusciora for this opportunity and the City Council for their consideration, and I look forward to working with the community to help make Trenton a safe and prosperous place to live.”

Coley was selected from dozens of applicants and went through a vetting process by Mayor Gusciora’s search committee. She now awaits confirmation by the City Council and approval by the Department of Community Affairs, per the Memorandum of Understanding.

Coley joined the United States Air Force at age 17 and served for three years. She then went on to serve in the Newark Police Department for 25 years, holding each rank, including Chief and Director. She then went on to serve as Public Safety Director of East Orange, overseeing Police, Fire, and OEM divisions. Coley earned her B.A. in Criminal Justice and her M.A. in Public Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University.